god bless masquerade balls.

Can we please bring back the masquerade party? That's all I have to say. 


short short leather.


Why is it that my parents bought me a pair of boot cut leather pants for my 17th birthday? I may never know why. But that's not important. What is important was my fabulous epiphany: cut them into shorts as per WWWD! Genius. Now, an outdated pair of "mom-leathers" look hot and modern as my new favorite wardrobe item. So dig up your old leathers ladies and see if you can find a pair to hack at. If you don't have a pair or leather pants, here is a great cheap alternative from Forever21.


kova&T me.


Please join me in a appreciating the fabulous simplicity that is kova&T. One of everything please! And thank you.


go for gold.


Success! Thanks to a mister Nigel Mogg, photographer extraordinaire, I was able to get some great shots of the new clothes to be posted on Sunday. This particular one was my favorite from the alley. As dismal as they may be, alley's can be a great place given the right circumstances.


location, location, location.


I need to find a good spot to photograph the new clothes for sunday. Any suggestions? I'm thinking alley chic. There's a water reserve behind the apartment maybe I'll find something interesting back there. Here's a sneak peak at one of the dresses I'm posting.


virgin blogger.

It was close to three years ago that the word 'blog' was so foreign to me. Alas, three years later I'm 'blogging'. My apologies for any pathetic attempts to make sense of this whole thing. I'll start slow and work my way up. 
So, I started this website Poor Little Rich Girl Vintage because, well honestly, I had to. Scott and I moved from Toronto, Canada to the US and have had quite the time trying to establish ourselves in California. Which is an understatement. You see we're building a career in music and have artist visa's. This visa specific restrictions. We can only work in the field of music, or not work at all. So, being my typical handy self, I had to think of something to make us some extra cash before we ended up on the street. Thus, Poor Little Rich Girl was born.